The Architectural Office was founded by Dionysios Markoutsas, Architect.

The Office undertakes the design and issue of building permits of private projects, especially residences, stores, hotels, their construction and the renovation of existing buildings as well. Meanwhile it specialises in interior design and decoration of every type.

It undertakes the study of the project and its supervision until the final stage of interior design so that the architectural project to be ruled by complete architectural and morphological consistency.
The aim of the office is the best architectural solution, the aesthetic value of the project and at the same time its proper function. For this purpose, for every project it undertakes, a team of engineers of every specialty collaborate between them.)

For every project the factors taken into account during the design are the architectural consistency of the project and the adjustment and its integration to the landscape, natural or constructed, the accurate use of materials and the successful combination between them, the proper function of the building in level of floor plan and layout and the study of the outdoor space surrounding the building, the accurate placing of the building on the land and its bioclimatic design taking into account the climate conditions.

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